Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Further recently added books (Sept 2011) - but not so new

Through donation and purchase we're sometimes able to fill gaps in the collection, and add useful material to the shelves. In September this material included material published before the library was founded as well as more recent difficult to obtain reports: Some of the additional titles are:

King , Jaqueline A. (ed). The Bi-Centennial handbook, 1779-1979. [Kingston] : Jamaica Chamber of Commerce, 1979.

Britain and the Commonwealth : a St Catharine's conference held at Cumberland Lodge, April 1987. Windsor : King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Foundation of St. Catharine's, [1987]

 Morrison, C. Dennis. The citizen and the law : perspectives old and new. Kingston, Jamaica : Grace, Kennedy Foundation, 2004.

Colonial Office Conference, 1927 : memoranda and papers. Great Britain. Colonial Office. Miscellaneous [Publications] ; no.385. [London], 1927.

Colonial Office Conference, 1930 : memoranda and papers. Great Britain. Colonial Office. Miscellaneous [Publications] ; no.385. [London], 1930.

Quebec (Province). Declaration of sovereignty. London : Quebec Government Office, [1995]

Krishnan, N. Evaluation study on Commonwealth Secretariat/Commonwealth Fund for Technical Cooperation assistance for Diplomatic Training. London : Commonwealth Secretariat, 1991.

Sealey, Sally, Wahome Mutahi, and Innocent Chukwuma. Monitoring state-sponsored violence in Africa : a practical guide. London and Johannesburg : Article 19 ; Lagos : Civil Liberties Organisation ; Nairobi : Kenya Human Rights Commission ; Durban : Network of Independent Monitors, 2000.

Coulombe, Françoise. The official languages in Canada : federal policy. Ottawa : Library of Parliament, Research Branch, Political and Social Affairs Division, c1995.

Cole, Fay-Cooper, The peoples of Malaysia. New York : D. Van Nostrand, 1945.

India. Labour Investigation Committee. Report on an enquiry into conditions of labour in plantations in India / by D.V. Rege, chairman, Labour Investigation Committee. Delhi : Manager of Publications, 1946.

Tourism Planning and Research Associates. St. Kitts and Nevis tourism development policy and marketing plan. St. Kitts and Nevis : Caribbean Tourism Organisation : St. Kitts and Nevis Ministry of Tourism, [1996]

Australia. Parliament. Statistical returns showing the voting within each subdivision in relation to the Senate elections, 1958, and the general elections for the House of Representatives, 1958; issued under the authority of the Hon. Gordon Freeth. Canberra : Commonwealth Government Printer, 1959.

Submission to the Working Group of Experienced Officials on the High Level Appraisal Group of the Commonwealth from the conference Joining in change : a commonwealth of peoples for the 1990s, held at Cumberland Lodge, 6-8 July 1990. Windsor : King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Foundation of St. Catharine's, [1990]

Quebec (Province). Text of the Agreement between the Parti Quebecois, the Bloc Quebecois and the action democratique du Quebec : in Quebec City June 12, 1995. London : Quebec Government Office, 1995.

You and the new pass laws. Johannesburg : Black Sash Publications, 1982.

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