Monday, 24 October 2011

Australian Studies: latest issue

The journal 'Australian Studies', is available online and free to access at the following address:

First appearing in 1988, 'Australian Studies' covers a wide range of disciplines (including geography, history, law, political science, economics, literature, the media, sociology, science etc). The journal has established itself internationally as a respected context for the publication of scholarship and comment on many aspects of the Australian scene, and is DEST recognised in Australia.

The journal's particular aim is to foster innovative critical approaches, and to encourage connections between traditionally discrete areas of research. Scholarly contributions to general issues are always welcomed, while contributions to themed issues are also commissioned. 'Australian Studies' is a fully-refereed journal, enjoying the support of a distinguished international body of scholars.

Various back issues are now also available online, together with a very handy index. For details, see:

The latest issue, Vol 3, 2001 has just been rerleased and includes the following articles:
"The National Apology Three Years Later" Gay McAuley

"Circus Oz and Kangaroos: Performing Fauna and Animalness for Geo-National Identity"
Peta Tait

"Welcome to Country? Aboriginal Sovereignties and Asylum Seekers" Emma Cox

"I'll Write to Richie Benaud" Heather Nimmo

"'Not Celebrated for its Agriculture’: Emigrant Guides and Land Settlement in New South Wales, 1831-65"
Edward Cavanagh

"Transcultural Horizons and the Limitations of Multiculturalism in 'The World Waiting to be Made'" Lyn Dickens

"Traditional Australian Circus: Change and Survival"Andrea Lemon

"Shifting Visions: Developmentalism and Environmentalism in Australian History" Jillian Koshin

"A Ham Funeral: Patrick White, Collaboration and Neil Armfield" Elizabeth Schafer

"Appendix to 'A Ham Funeral': List of Productions of Patrick White's Plays" Elizabeth Schafer

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