Monday, 3 December 2012

Remembering Bristol’s Empire: Archives, Artefacts and Commemoration

Remembering Bristol’s Empire: Archives, Artefacts and Commemoration

Workshop - Thursday 13 December 2012

Senate Room, Senate House, Tyndall Avenue, University of Bristol

Prompted by the transfer of the collections of the former British Empire and Commonwealth Museum to Bristol Museums and Bristol Record Office, this workshop will offer an opportunity to discuss the collection, preservation and use of archives and artefacts from Bristol’s (and Britain’s) imperial past.

9am-11am – Roundtable – ‘Remembering Empire: Perspectives from Bristol Academics’

11am-11.30am – Coffee

11.30am-1pm – John McAleer (University of Southampton) and Sarah Longair (British Museum/Birkbeck) – ‘Objects of Empire: Museums and the British Imperial Experience’

1pm-2pm – Lunch

2pm-3pm – Katherine Prior – ‘Collecting Empire: Lessons from the British Empire and Commonwealth Museum’

3pm-4pm – Roundtable – Sue Giles (Bristol Museums), Richard Burley (Bristol Record Office), Tim Cole (History, UoB), Simon Potter (History, UoB)

4pm-5pm – Drinks, Student Common Room, 11 Woodland Road

There is no charge to register for this event, but please email Dr Simon Potter, University of Bristol if you wish to attend –

This event has been funded by a grant from BIRTHA at the University of Bristol.

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