Friday, 14 December 2012

Newly listed Namibian archive collection

A detailed handlist is now available for a collection of material largely on Namibia donated to the Library by journalist, Sue Cullinan, ICS153.

The collection includes unpublished reports, papers, speeches and articles on Namibia including the National Union of Mineworkers 1986 Wage Negotiation; a report from the Detainee’s Parents Support Committee April 1986; the Keynote Address National Education Crisis Committee, Second National Consultative Conference 1986; South West African People's Organisation (SWAPO) Combatants – various papers, including reports of activities made by combatants and copies of The Combatant; the Memorandum of the SWA Bar Council Acting on Behalf of the Society of Advocates in Regard to the Commission of Enquiry into Security Legislation; unpublished speeches and conference papers produced by SWAPO; reports and conferences from bodies including: UN Council for Namibia, UN Institute for Namibia, United Nations, World Council of Churches, South African Institute of International Affairs, Worldwatch, Christian Resistance Group of South Africa, Fund for Free Expression and International Defence & Aid Fund for Southern Africa; and reports into the Windhoek Observer (Afrikaans) and into mining in South West Africa.

The collection is described on the Senate House Libraries archives catalogue which includes a link to the PDF list.

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