Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Prizes - Canadian Studies

Prix du Québec 2013

The Prix du Québec consists of two awards of £1,000 (each) offered by the Québec Government Office in London and administered by BACS.

It is designed to assist researchers who are permanent UK residents to carry out research related to Québec by facilitating a research visit to Québec. Projects that incorporate Québec in a comparative approach (at least 50% of the focus must be on Québec) are also eligible.

One award will be given in each of the following categories:

• Masters and doctoral students
• Researchers and academic staff

Applications should be made by email to arrive by 1 February 2013. Full details are on the BACS website.

The Michael J. Hellyer Prize

This prize is awarded annually by the British Association for Canadian Studies at its annual conference for the best paper by an early career scholar. The prize will be judged on the written version of the paper submitted, which may not necessarily be the delivery version. Entries should be submitted no later than 15 March, preceding the annual conference in April. The full version of the paper must be submitted by this date and late entries will not be accepted. The delivery of the paper will not form part of the assessment but candidates for the award must attend and deliver the paper at the conference.

The prize for the best paper will be awarded at the conference dinner. In addition, the paper will automatically be considered for publication in the British Journal of Canadian Studies providing that it has not been submitted elsewhere.

The prize will consist of £100 in book tokens

Early career scholar is defined as: a PhD student; anyone within 3 years of having been awarded a PhD; anyone who has a full-time appointment at a recognised higher education institution, but has not held the post for more than 3 years and does not fall into the doctoral category.

Papers should be submitted to BACS by 15 March 2013 for the annual conference on 3-5 April 2013.

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