Tuesday, 30 October 2012

New this month - New Jewel Movement publications

Newly added to the collections are important primary sources for the study of Grenada, consisting of one issue (Aug 1981) of the Newsletter of the New Jewel Movement National Women’s Organisation and a number of issues from 1981-1983 of the New Jewel, the newspaper of the New Jewel Movement.

The New Joint Endeavour for Welfare, Education, and Liberation, or New JEWEL Movement (NJM), was a Marxist-Leninist vanguard party in the Caribbean island nation of Grenada. The NJM was established in 1973 as an alliance of the Joint Endeavour for Welfare, Education and Liberation (JEWEL) and the Movement for Assemblies of the People (MAP), and was led by the lawyer Maurice Bishop. The movement was an opposition political party through the 1970s and took control of the country with a successful revolution against the government of Eric Gairy in 1979 ruling by decree until being deposed by the US military after its 1983 invasion.

These new additions add to our collection of secondary sources on Grenada, Grenadian politics, the revolution and the invasion, as well as primary material published by the New Jewel Movement and support groups (established after the invasion) which include earlier issues of the New Jewel Movement’s newspaper entitled New Jewel : let those who labour hold the reins. The collection also includes material published by the Grenada National Party, National Democratic Party, and the Grenada Seamen and Waterfront Workers' Union and Grenada Commercial and Industrial Workers' Union, as well as speeches by Maurice Bishop, when he held the post of Prime Minister

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