Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Bloomsbury Festival: 20th-21st October 2012

The Bloomsbury Festival 2012 will take place on the weekend of the 20th October celebrating the cultural organisations, community groups, creative individuals and iconic institutions of this little-known corner of central London.

From dance to drama, poetry to performance, art to architecture and workshops to walks it’s already promising to be another exciting year with programming taking place across the whole area

Below are listed some exhibitions and talks celebrating some of the Institute's library and archive collections. For a full listing of events please explore: http://www.bloomsburyfestival.org.uk/

Exhibition: Ruth First's Extraordinary Life
Sat 20 Oct 11:00-17:00 at Senate House

Sun 21 Oct 11:00-16:00 at Senate House

Anti-apartheid activist Ruth First dedicated her life to “the liberation of Africa for I count myself an African, and there is no cause I hold dearer”. She was passionate about achieving justice in South Africa, but her perspective was international. First saw activism, solidarity work, research and writing as essential activities for a revolutionary. She was assassinated in 1982 by a letter bomb sent by the South African secret service. The Institute of Commonwealth Studies is digitising this extraordinary woman’s papers. This exhibition of Ruth First’s papers, photographs and archival material at Senate House offers an introduction to both First herself and her important works, which retain their relevance, especially in the light of recent democracy movements across northern Africa and beyond.

Talk: A Revolutionary Life

Sun 21 Oct 11:00-11:30 at Senate House

This talk introduces Ruth First and offers an insight into her multifaceted, revolutionary life as an international scholar, activist and writer, and wife and mother

Talk: Introduction to the Ruth First Archive

Sun 21 Oct 14:00-14:30 at Senate House

This talk will introduce the archive of Ruth First's collection of papers, included her collected writings, published journalism, correspondence and notes.

Talk: Ruth First and Bloomsbury

Sun 21 Oct 15:00-15:30 at Senate House

Following her arrest under the South African 90-day law, Ruth First was barred from her profession as a journalist; she went into exile and moved to London. This talk discusses First's intellectual associations with Bloomsbury.

Exhibition: Campaigning for Independence, Equality and Freedom

  Sat 20 Oct 11:00-17:00 at Senate House
Sun 21 Oct 11:00-16:00 at Senate House

The political archives held in the Institute of Commonwealth Studies library encompass more than 270 boxes of political pamphlets, newsletters and posters from over 60 countries, mainly dating from the 1960s and 1970s, the period when many of these countries were making the transition to independence. The Southern African region is particularly well represented, with materials from an extraordinarily wide variety of different political parties, trade unions and pressure groups having been preserved. This exhibition reveals how these materials are used to convey different messages in different ways and provide an historical insight not found in official archives and records. Curated by Benjamin Coleman and David Clover.

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