Friday, 20 May 2011

South Africa on Film

Southern Africa: History, Culture and Society Seminar Series
Centre for African Studies, University of London


BRIAN WILLAN, ‘Cinematographic calamity’ or ‘Soul-stirring appeal to every Briton’: reactions to Birth of a Nation in England and South Africa, 1915-1931

EMMA SANDON, (Birkbeck College, London): ‘The African Mirror Newsreel and African Film Productions Documentaries: Non-Fiction Film Production in South Africa, 1910 – 1950’

JACQUELINE MAINGARD, (University of Bristol) ‘Assignment Africa’: Colonial Imaginaries and Donald Swanson’s African Jim (1949) and The Magic Garden (1951) in South African Film History’

NEIL PARSONS, ‘Early Southern African Movies and the Lingering Ambiguities of South African Union, 1910 – 1923’

Discussant: Carli Coetzee (SOAS)

10 June, 2011
13.00 – 17.00
Birkbeck College
CLO GO2 Clore Management Centre

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Seminar Convenors: Wayne Dooling (; Hilary Sapire (; Rebekah Lee (

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