Tuesday, 10 May 2011

New Zealand online bibliographies

Three online bibliographies compiled by Tony Millett have been moved from the University of Waikato Library server, and are now accessible on the National Library of New Zealand’s FindNZArticles service at the National Library website. The three bibliographies, which have been updated to February 2011, are:

Bibliography of New Zealand Bibliographies

This database records bibliographies published in New Zealand or about New Zealand since 1960. It includes stand-alone publications, theses, library school bibliographies, and separate bibliographies published in books and periodicals. It does not list “back-of-the-book” bibliographies, since most non-fiction books include this type of bibliography or list of references. The bibliography currently lists about 5,325 records, searchable by author/compiler, editor, title, publisher, subject and keyword.

Bibliography of Published New Zealand Family Histories

This bibliography lists 3,425 separately-published histories of families with descendants in New Zealand. The earliest family history listed is dated 1860. All of the histories are indexed by author, title, keyword and family names; many are also indexed by family founder names; country, county and town of origin; ship on which the family arrived in New Zealand; year of arrival; and region and place of main settlement in New Zealand. Some records also include the surnames of the families into which the first generation of descendants married.

Bibliography on Homosexuality in New Zealand

This bibliography lists 2,485 publications, dating from 1835. Books, theses, reports, chapters in books, and periodical articles are all included, with very brief annotations where the title is not self-explanatory. Newspaper articles, and articles in exclusively gay journals, are not included. The records are indexed by author/editor, title, publisher, subject and keyword.

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