Monday, 4 April 2011

Nigerian Political Pamphlets

With news of the delay in the Nigerian elections it seems timely to promote the Political Pamphlets collections again.

The Political Pamphlets collection includes material published by political parties, trade unions and pressure groups; including material such as election campaign material, manifestos rules and regulations etc. As well as pamphlets, leaflets and booklets the collection includes posters, flags, paper hats and stickers and badges.
Material relating to Nigeria currently available on the catalogue dates from 1957 to 1998, and includes materials from parties such as the: Action Group of Nigeria; All Peoples Party; Alliance for Democracy; Dynamic Party; Kano People's Party; Mid-West State Movement; National Party of Nigeria, Nigerian National Alliance; Nigerian National Democratic Party; Nigerian Youth Congress; Northern People's Congress; People's Redemption Party; Progressive Peoples Party; Social Democratic Party; Socialist Workers and Farmers Party of Nigeria; Talakawa Party; Unity Party of Nigeria and the Workers Party of Nigeria.

We're always happy to accept new material for the collection. Please contact the Commonwealth Studies Librarian if you have material relating to elections, political parties or other political campaigns.

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