Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Society and Environment: new research in Belize

Society and Environment: new research in Belize

13th Annual Meeting of the United Kingdom - Belize Association (UKBA)
Friday 24th September, 2010

12.00 noon - 5.00 pm

Rewley House
1 Wellington Square
University of Oxford


12.00 Lunch - Mawby Pavilion, Rewley House

12.45 Session 1: Politics and Society
Neil Pyper, Oxford Analytica: Narcos and Maras: encroaching on Belize?
Dylan Vernon, University of London: The Making of a Patronage Democracy: concepts and issues for a case study of post-independence Belize
Steven R. Brechin, Syracuse University & Osmany Salas: Government-NGO Networks & Nature Protection in Belize: examining the theory of the hollow state in a developing country context

2.45 Tea and coffee

3.00 Session 2: Environment and Society
Patrick Doncaster, University of Southampton: The Darwin Initiative wildlife corridor project in Belize
Christopher Minty, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh & Charles Britt, New Mexico State University: Illegal poaching and habitat loss on an isolated sub-species population of Scarlet Macaw's (Ara macao cyanoptera) in the Chiqubul Forest, Belize
Elizabeth Rushton, University of Nottingham: Lamanai, Belize: an environmental history
Jaimie Henthorn: Life in the Tree: arboreal architecture for both art and research

5.00 Meeting close

5.30 Informal drinks at Jude the Obscure, Walton Street

7.30 Dinner at Al Andalus, Little Clarendon Street

Conference fee: £20

Onsite accommodation available - further details on the registration webpage below.
To attend the conference, please register online via the following link before 20th September, 2010

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