Monday, 9 August 2010

Intute World Guide

Intute is well known for its collection of web resources and internet training suite. Less well-known perhaps, and worthy of publicity is its World Guide.

Intute has compiled a series of guides for over 270 countries and territories. These include features, demographics, geography data, interactive world maps, thousands of satellite photos, scrollable city images and links to resources about each country within the Intute database. You can even compare data between countries. You may go straight to the entry for a specific country via the dropdown menu, or you can search for satellite images and features by keyword.

As an example, the entry for Bangladesh, includes a country profile (taken from the CIA World Factbook); demographic information, including population, population age, gender ratios, details on population change and links to labour force data; a selection of maps and geographical information; an overview of key economic data; a selection of key transport and communications information; a selection of satellite images; internet links; and a link to IMF World Economic Outlook data 2008.

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