Thursday, 22 December 2011

Commonwealth of Learning - Learning for Development

Current drafts of the Commonwealth of Learning (COL)'s Three-Year Plan 2012-2015 and related Logic Model are now available on COL's website for review by stakeholders. The drafts benefit from wide consultation and results of surveys and evaluations.

Further input from all stakeholders is very welcome. Please see
Other documents that you may wish to consult as you review the drafts are the reports from this year's four regional meetings of COL Focal Points and Dr. Patrick Spaven's mid-term stakeholder survey (2010) - all available at (under "Planning for 2012-2015" in the right-hand column). Dr. Spaven's draft conclusions and recommendations from his full external evaluation for the previous plan period (2009-2012) are included in an appendix to the draft Three-Year Plan.

Please provide your comments, advice and/or questions by Monday, 16 January 2012. You may submit your comments to the public forum on the COL website at or send them directly to COL at

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