Tuesday, 15 November 2011

ACAS Bulletin - The Sudans: Which Way?

Announcing a new issue of ACAS Bulletin – The Sudans: Which Way?


Although a Commonwealth member, South Sudan has expresed some interest in exploring the idea of joining the Commonwealth.

South Sudan gained its independence on July 9, 2011. The new situation in the South and in the North requires close examination and rethinking of old categories. Six different perspectives on possible paths for the peoples of the Sudan are outlined, and placed in the context of complex, burning issues of citizenship, race, democracy, gender, international relations, and peace.

The Sudans: Which Way? BULLETIN N°86 – NOVEMBER 2011

Table of Contents

Horace Campbell and Peter Limb, Issue editors


The Republic of South Sudan and the Meaning of Independence
Horace Campbell

Citizenship and Identity in Post-Secession Northern Sudan
Ahmad A. Sikainga

Gendering War and Peace in South Sudan: The Elision and Emergence of Women
Caroline Faria

Genealogies of Racial Relations: The Independence of South Sudan, Citizenship & the Racial State in the Modern History of Sudan
Elena Vezzadini

The State of South Sudan: The Change is about the New Sudan
Abdullahi Gallab

South Sudan Looks East: Between the CPA and Independence

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