Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Jubilee Time Capsule

The Institute of Commonwealth Studies Librarian recenlty met with staff from the Royal Commonwealth Society's Jubilee Time Capsule project.

With 2012 marking the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II also marking 60 years as Head of the Commonwealth, the project aims to build a unique time capsule of this time – and want to hear your story!

The project asks that you pick a day from the last 60 years and tell them what happened in your family, community or country. You could interview someone, write a poem, do a drawing, take a photograph or make a film. There are 21,915 days in the last 60 years (from 6th February 1952 until 5th February 2012) and they need stories for each of them!

The Time Capsule is open to people of any age but special prizes will be given to those under 25.

The Institute of Commonwealth Studies Library is currently assessing what material to contribute from our own collections, including potentially from the history of the Institute itself, as well as from some of the Commonwealth non-government organisations whose records and archives we hold. Some of the material from our photographic and political pamphlet collections may also be included.

Have a look and think about contributing to the Jubilee Time Capsule website

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