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Anglo-American Conference 2011: Health and History

Anglo-American Conference 2011: Health and History

29th June - 1st July 2011

Venue: Brunei Gallery, Thornhaugh Street, London WC1H 0XG

The Anglo-American Conference 2011: Health and History hosted by the Institute of Historical Research, will feature papers and panels across all periods and areas of the history of medicine.
Of interest to researchers in Commonwealth Studies will be panels, including:

Healing and religion in African colonial history

•Chair: Kathleen Vongsathorn (Oxford)

•Myriam Mertens (Ghent/Exeter) Medicinal ‘irrationality’ and the social tensions of health care provision in the Belgian Congo during the interwar period

•Nina Studer (Zurich/Oxford) Protective device or a sign of degeneration? The role of Islam in the writings of French colonial psychiatrists

•Kathleen Vongsathorn (Oxford) In the image of Britain: Lake Bunyonyi leprosy settlement as a model community, Uganda, 1931-1951

•Georgina Endfield (Nottingham) ‘No place for a woman’: health, medicine and women's work among missionary wives and female missionaries in British colonial Africa

Military medical bodies: patients, power and practice in the British empire

•Chair: Julie Anderson (Kent)

•Ana Carden-Coyne (Manchester) Men in pain: sociality, brutality and resistance in military hospitals, 1914-1918

•Wendy D. Churchill (New Brunswick) The right to care: military men and British imperial medicine, 1780-1820

•Michael Brown (Roehampton) From Social Darwinism to physical culture: the problem of the medico-military body in the age of new imperialism

Fighting fit: exploring military medicine

•Chair: Ana Carden-Coyne (Manchester)

•Peter Starling (Army Medical Services Museum) Medical education and good wine: the formation of the army medical school and medical education in the British army in the later 19th century

•Mark Harrison (Oxford) Great expectations: the South African War and the reform of British military medicine

•Emma Reilly (Strathclyde) ‘They passed me A1 fit, can you believe it?’: The British Army body and the military medical exam, 1939-1945

•Kathleen Meghan Fitzpatrick (King’s College London) Weathering the storm: Commonwealth combat psychiatry in Korea (1950-1951)

Missionary bodies and medical spaces

•Chair: Peter Webster

•Emily Manktelow (Exeter) Missionary bodies, domestic spaces

•Esm√© Cleall (Liverpool) ‘More bad news’: narratives of sickness in missionary writing, c. 1840-1890

•Rosemary Fitzgerald (SOAS) Purdah patients at home and in hospital: transforming female missionary medicine in north India, 1890–1914

Public health, colonial space

•Chair: Zirwat Chowdhary (IHR)

•Nicole Bourbonnais (Pittsburgh) ‘Where public opinion is in a mood’: British colonial policy and birth control in the West Indies, 1930-1970

•Shane Minkin (Swarthmore) Foreign hospital, local institution: public health and belonging in late nineteenth century Alexandria, Egypt

•Erica Wald (London School of Economics) Professional societies and the competition for medical authority in India, 1789-1854

as well as individual papers, in other panels

Further information on the conference, the programme and registration available at:

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