Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Canadian election survey

Canadian election survey

Canadian researchers of politics and elections may be interested in the opportunity below:

Dear Canadianists,
The Government Canada has fallen! As part of a growing trend, there will be multiple election studies in the field during the 2011 election. The election is likely to occur on May 2 or May 9th. Jason Reifler of Georgia State University is conducting a pre-post internet election survey that will have up to 5,000 respondents. Tom Scotto (Essex) and I have funds from the Foundation for Canadian Studies in the UK to include some of our own questions. In the grant, we also specified that we would hold an externally judged competition that will allow UK based scholars with an interest in Canada to pose questions on the survey.

Internet surveys are shorter in length than most face to face or telephone surveys, so we?re really looking at a window of 2-3 questions on the post-election study. If you are interested in posing a question on this survey, please write up the question along with a justification (no more than 250 words) as to why you want this question on the study. We're going to need proposals no later than the 4th April, and final judgment of the questions will rest with a Canadian based panel of election studies experts.

Assume most election study questions are already on the study. So, there's no need to post questions related to vote choice, party id, retrospective evaluations, etc.

Please feel free to contact Tom Scotto or me with any questions!

Ailsa and Tom

Contact information:

Ailsa Henderson (tel: 01316511618)
Tom Scotto (tel: 01206873809)

From: Ailsa Henderson, PhD
Senior Lecturer, Politics
School of Social and Political Science
15A George Square
University of Edinburgh

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