Friday, 3 September 2010

New lists for some South African/Apartheid archives collections

A number of smaller collections relating to South Africa and apartheid have had their handlists added to the ULRLS Archives Catalogue. These include the following collections:

Roger Southall papers (ICS77)
Roger Southall received a PhD from Birmingham University in 1975. He subsequently worked on East Africa and South Africa, publishing in 1983 South Africa's Transkei: the political economy of an independent Bantustan.  This collection is comprosed of interviews by Roger Southall with South African trade union and political leaders, including members of the National Automobile and Allied Workers Union; the Transport and General Workers Union; the United Democratic Front; the Council of Unions of South Africa; the Motor Industry Combined Workers Union; the Federation of South African Trade Unions; the Azania Peoples Organisation; National Union of Mineworkers; National Union of Textile Workers; Ebrahim "Cassim" Saloojee, United Democratic Front; the South African Boilermakers' Iron and Steel Workers, Shipbuilders and Welders Society; and the Natal Indian Congress.

University of Cape Town: Students' Representative Council papers on South African disturbances, 1976 (ICS81)
Papers relating to activities during disturbances of summer 1976, including comments on the disturbances by black, white and coloured individuals, accounts of incidents and papers by the Soweto Students' Representative Council, the South African Institute of Race Relations (SAIRR), the National Union of South African Students and the Union of Black Journalists.

University of Cape Town: Universities Amendment Bill (ICS82)
In 1959 the South African National Party Government passed the extension of the University Education Act which prohibited the admission of any person not classed as 'white' to universities, other than those established specifically for them, without a permit from the Minister of State. This legislation was strenuously opposed by the University of Cape Town and others. Following an inquiry into education, the Government published the Universities Amendment Bill in 1983, which altered the rules in that rather than a permit system, univerisities were to be prohibited from admitting black students beyond a quota to be stipulated annually by the Minister. Once again there was considerable opposition to the proposed new legislation. The Vice-Chancellor and Principal of the University of Cape Town sent copies of material to contacts in the UK for use in campaigning against the Bill. The papers in this collection comprise a set of this material
South Africa: Johannesburg City Council: Department of Non European Affairs (ICS94)
Photocopies of documents concerning squatter problem at Orlando, Soweto, 1946 including records of meetings between the Department of Non European Affairs and deputation from Orlando Advisory Board; record of joint meeting of General Purposes, Non European Affairs and Special Housing Committees; minutes of Sub-Committee on squatter movements, and minutes of meeting of Native Advisory Boards with Non European Affairs Committee
South African Institute of Race Relations: Natal Region (ICS95)
Photocopies of minutes and reports of the South African Institute of Race Relations: Natal Region; comprising minutes and papers of Regional Committee meetings; Natal Regional Organiser's Reports, with account of financing of Non-European Educational Fund; African Affairs Sub-Committee minutes and African Fact-Finding Sub-Committee minutes.


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