Thursday, 23 September 2010

Commonwealth Research Seminar Series, 2010-11

Commonwealth Research Seminar Series, 2010-11

Time: 1.00-2.00 pm, always Wednesday

Venue: Room 104, 1st Floor, Senate House

Convenors: Shihan de Silva and Susan Williams, Institute of Commonwealth Studies

Autumn Term

Wednesday 20th October 2010

‘Domestic Migration in India: a Gujarat-Southern Rajasthan Remittance Corridor Study’
Howard Jones (Institute of Commonwealth Studies)

Wednesday 17th November 2010

‘Bombs, burdens, and book reviews: Africans at war 1939-47'.
David Killingray (Institute of Commonwealth Studies/Goldsmiths)

Wednesday 15th December 2010

‘Nkrumah and Pan-Africanism’
Marika Sherwood (Institute of Commonwealth Studies)

Winter Term

Wednesday 19th January 2011

‘Militant philosopher of the third world revolution: Frantz Fanon 50 years on’.
Leo Zeilig (Institute of Commonwealth Studies)

Wednesday 16th February 2011
Title: TBC
Mary Turner (Institute of Commonwealth Studies)

Wednesday 16th March 2011

‘Transnational Education in the Commonwealth’
Balasubramanyam Chandramohan (Institute of Commonwealth Studies)

Summer Term

Wednesday 20th April 2011

‘Education in Cyprus during the 1940s’
Antigone Heraclidou (Institute of Commonwealth Studies)

Wednesday 18th May 2011

‘Zimbabwe - state failure’
Richard Bourne (Institute of Commonwealth Studies)

Wednesday 15th June 2011

"We want new settlers of British stock": Race and the Politics of Migration to
Southern Africa, 1939-1960”
Jean P Smith (Institute for Historical Research).

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