Tuesday, 4 September 2012

New Books - August 2012

A selection of new books added to the collection and catalogue in August 2012, including books on Canadian elections, climate change, displacement and migration, South Pacific social policy, urbanisation in Canada and post-apartheid South Africa:

Mohamoud, Awil (ed), Building institutional cooperation between the diaspora and homeland governments in Africa : the cases of Ghana, Nigeria, Germany, USA and the UK, The Hague : African Diaspora Policy Centre, 2010.

Kanji, Mebs, Antoine Bilodeau and Thomas J. Scotto (eds), The Canadian election studies : assessing four decades of influence, Vancouver : UBC Press, c2012.

Pammett, Jon H. and Christopher Dornan (eds), The Canadian federal election of 2011, Toronto : Dundurn Press, c2011.

Harrison, Trevor and John W. Friesen, Canadian society in the twenty-first century : an historical sociological approach, Toronto : Women's Press, c2010.

Sharifa Begum et al, The CEDAW implementation in Bangladesh : legal perspectives and constraints, Dhaka : Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies, 2011.

Jeffery, Anthea, Chasing the rainbow : South Africa's move from Mandela to Zuma, Johannesburg : South African Institute of Race Relations, 2010.

Farrell, Brian P. (ed), Churchill and the lion city : shaping modern Singapore, Singapore : NUS Press, c2011.

McAdam, Jane (ed), Climate change and displacement : multidisciplinary perspectives, Oxford ; Portland, Or. : Hart Pub., 2010.

McAdam, Jane, Climate change, forced migration, and international law, Oxford; New York : Oxford University Press, 2012.

Wass, Gabriella, Corporate activity and human rights in India, New Delhi : Human Rights Law Network, 2011.

Gillis, Melissa, Disarmament : a basic guide, New York : United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs, 2012.

Economic surveys. Information and communication. Suva, Fiji : Fiji Bureau of Statistics, 2011-

Blum, Stefan, Elites, coercion and collective goods : a rational choice explanation of variations in violence in East Africa (Uganda, Tanzania and Zanzibar), Baden-Baden : Nomos, 2011.

Simon, Thomas W. Ethnic identity and minority protection : designation, discrimination, and brutalization, Lanham, Md. : Lexington Books, c2012.

Foran, Max, Expansive discourses : urban sprawl in Calgary, 1945-1978, Edmonton : AU Press, c2009.

Alexander, Karin and Gape Kaboyakgosi, A fine balance : assessing the quality of governance in Botswana, Pretoria : IDASA, 2012
First annual progress report on the implementation of the first medium term plan (2008-2012) of Kenya vision 2030. Nairobi, Kenya : Government of the Republic of Kenya, Ministry of State for Planning, National Development and Vision, 2012.

Belanger, Yale D. (ed), First Nations gaming in Canada, Winnipeg : University of Manitoba Press, c2011.

Morna, Colleen Lowe (ed), The gender based violence indicators study. Botswana, Oxford : Gender Links, 2012.

Smith, Godfrey P. George Price : a life revealed : the authorized biography, Kingston ; Miami : Ian Randle Publishers, 2011.

Kaldor, Mary, Henrietta L. Moore and Sabine Selchow (eds), Global civil society 2012 : ten years of critical reflection, Basingstoke : Palgrave Macmillan, 2012.

Migneault, Pier-Luc, Les gouvernements minoritaires au Canada et au Québec : historique, contexte électoral et efficacité legislative, Québec, Québec, Canada : Presses de l'Université du Québec, 2010.

Moore, Jennifer, Humanitarian law in action within Africa, Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, c2012.

Obotetukudo, Solomon Williams (ed), The inaugural addresses and ascension speeches of Nigerian elected and non-elected presidents and prime minister, 1960-2010, Lanham, Md. : University Press of America, c2011.

Helliker, Kirk and Tendai Murisa (ed), Land struggles and civil society in Southern Africa, Trenton, N.J. : Africa World Press, c2011.

Smith, Keith D. Liberalism, surveillance, and resistance : Indigenous communities in Western Canada, 1877-1927, Edmonton : AU Press, c2009

Make peace happen : strengthening political governance for peace, security and stability in Africa, Durban, South Africa : ACCORD, 2012.

Marjit, Sugata and Saibal Kar, The outsiders : economic reform and informal labour in a developing economy, New Delhi : Oxford University Press, 2011.

Pitcher, M. Anne, Party politics and economic reform in Africa's democracies, New York : Cambridge University Press, 2012.

Thuynsma, Heather A. (ed), Public opinion and interest groups politics : South Africa's missing links? Pretoria, South Africa : African Institute of South Africa, 2012.

Horak, Martin and Robert Young (eds), Sites of governance : multilevel governance and policy making in Canada's big cities, Montreal : McGill-Queen's University Press, c2012.

Nathan, Dev and Virginius Xaxa, Social exclusion and adverse inclusion : development and deprivation of Adivasis in India, New Delhi, India : Oxford University Press, 2012.

Amosa, Desmond U. Social policies in Samoa, London : Commonwealth Secretariat, 2012.

Prasad, Biman Chand and Paul Kausimae. Social policies in Solomon Islands and Vanuatu, London : Commonwealth Secretariat, 2012.
Tengatenga, James (ed), The UMCA in Malawi : a history of the Anglican Church, 1861-2010, Zomba [Malawi] : Kachere Series, 2010.

Sims, Bryan M. and Monica Koep (eds), Unfinished business : democracy in Namibia, Pretoria : IDASA, 2012.

LaRocque, Emma, When the other is me : Native resistance discourse, 1850-1990, Winnipeg : University of Manitoba Press, c2010.

Statistics Canada, Social and Aboriginal Statistics Division. Women in Canada : a gender-based statistical report, Ottawa : Statistics Canada, c2012

Jafar, Afshan, Women's NGOs in Pakistan, New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2011.

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