Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Theses in Progress in Commonwealth Studies

The Institute of Commonwealth Studies’ Register of Commonwealth research is a list of higher degree theses conducted at UK Universities and relating to the Commonwealth of Nations, its member countries, and the former British Empire. The Register has been maintained since 1949 and covers research both in progress and completed; its retrospective coverage extends back to the 1920s.

From the data held in the Register, the Institute compiles and publishes the annual Theses in Progress in Commonwealth Studies as a snapshot of current research on the Commonwealth and Empire in Britain.

The Register, and Theses in Progress, are compiled and maintained as a source of current and past research on the Commonwealth, and also as a point of contact between candidates for higher degrees in British universities.

We are pleased to announce the publication of the 2012 edition which is available on the Institute of Commonwealth Studies website and (direct link) at http://sas-space.sas.ac.uk/4515/

Thanks go to Pat Larby, the compiler and editor of the register, for her dedication to and effort on this project.

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