Wednesday, 20 June 2012

New in today - Pacific official publications

One area in which the Institute of Commonwealth Studies Library hasd as a strength is official publications from Commonwealth countries. For the Pacific Island region our collections are perhaps the strongest in the UK, and this material is difficult to obtain. It is always a pleasure to open the latest parcel from our suppliers to see what has arrived. In today's mail we got one such parcel.

Some highlights includes were from Vanuatu: the 2007 Census of Agriculture, and a thematic study from this census on fisheries and forestry; the report from the 2009 National Population and Housing Census (census reports being something we are always keen to have) and from that census a publication entitled Gender monogragh: Women and Men in Vanuatu;  and the Main Report on the Household Income and Expenditure Survey 2006.

From Samoa we received the latest available Annual International Migration Statistics, Statistical Abstract, and report from the 2008 Household Income and Expenditure Study, as well as a report entitled A Report on the Estimation of Basic Needs Poverty Lines, and the Incidence and Characteristics of Hardship and Poverty, based on that report.

From Fiji we received two recent annual reports fropm the Office of the Prime Minister and Government Achievements 2007-2011. Report to the Nation, published by the Ministry of Strategic Planning, National Development & Statistics, documenting reforms in governance and administration, civil service, the economy and living standards.

All these publications and reports should be available soon, once processed and catalogued, adding to our strong collections of the region

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