Saturday, 26 May 2012

The Global Peace Index

The Institute for Economics & Peace produces a number of indexes which measure levels of peace and conflict worldwide. Its Global Peace Index ranks 153 nations according to 23 dimensions of peace. These include democracy, wellbeing, and violence, crime data which is drawn from a number of sources including the International Institute of Strategic Studies, the World Bank, a number of UN Agencies, peace institutes and the EIU. The report and an interactive map are available at the website.

Out of the 153 countries Commonwealth nations are in the top ten (New Zealand ranking 2nd (after Iceland), and Canada 8th) and also represented in the bottow ten (Pakistan being ranked 146th). the site shows detailed indicators including number of external and internal conflicts fought, relations with neighbouring countries, political instability, respect for human rights, level of violent crime, military expenditure and number of armed personnel.

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