Monday, 23 April 2012

Working Papers in Australian Studies

The Menzies Centre for Australian Studies' Working Papers in Australian Studies have been digitised and made available on the web. The series starts in 1985 and ends in 200, from when a new series the London Papers in Australian Studies started.

Working Paper 1 is entitled  "No Irish Need Apply": Aspects of the Employer- Employee Relationship Australian Domestice Service 1860-1900" by Paula Hamilton, and looks at discrimination against Irish migrants but focuses on the relationship bewteen employers and domestic servants in early colonial Australia. The final paper in the series, no. 188, by K S Inglis, is entitled "London calling: the empire of the airwaves" and outlines the nature of Australian radio broadcasting in the 1930s, and looks at the modelling of the broadcasting service on that of the BBC, with comparative study of other dominions notably New Zeland and Canada, as well as broadcasts made from the UK to the colonies.

Between the presentation of these two papers topics and themes explored in the series included: Aboriginal rights and social injustice, Australian politics, literature and writers, Australian historiography, settlement and town planning, environmental and economic conflict, expatriate writers and artists, education, women, national identity, Bondi beach, sexuality, the Cold War, sport and leisure, Aboriginal writing, art and drama, mental health, and citizenship.

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