Thursday, 1 September 2011

United Nations Economic Commision for Africa (UNECA) institutional repository

The United Nations Economic Commision for Africa (UNECA) has launched an institutional repository.

In its 50 years of existence, UNECA has created and holds a vast quantity of information and knowledge in a variety of formats, including printed and electronic. These represent the organisation's corporate memory, providing historical evidence of its actions and decisions. The information resources include published materials such as flagship publications, journal articles, conference proceedings, technical reports, mission reports, annual reports, working papers, speeches and other grey literature, all which outline important research or decisions that have been made on the economic and social developmental aspects in Africa.

The Institutional Repository of the Economic Commission for Africa offers unique knowledge and information not available elsewhere pertaining to regional programmes, decisions and resolutions promoting social and economic development in Africa. The repository includes key documents relating to the African Governance report, the African Women's Report, the Economic report on Africa, and Millennium Development Goals in Africa.

This material has been grouped into the following "communities" (with number of items as of July 2011 in square brackets):

•Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing [1537]
•Economic Development and Development Finance [8287]
•Gender issues and Equity [1153]
•Governance and Public Administration [2506]
•Industry [1539]
•International Trade [1524]
•Library, Information Communication Technology (ICT), Science and Technology [1770]
•Natural Resources and Environment [1934]
•Organizational Questions [1715]
•Political and Legal Questions [507]
•Social Development [6133]
•Sub-Regional Offices [57]
•Transport and Communications [1233]

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