Monday, 22 November 2010

CFP: New Zealand History, O.E.

Call for papers

New Zealand History, O.E.
History about 'home' from historians 'away'

Proposals are sought for a seminar exploring aspects of Aotearoa/New Zealand history to be held in London on Saturday 11 June 2011 at Richmond, the American International University, Kensington, London.
Aotearoa/New Zealand's changing relationships with the wider world along with the now established nationalist and rising post-national and post-colonial theories and epistemologies have also meant that historians working on topics relevant to Aotearoa/New Zealand's histories have had to grapple with new ways of thinking about old topics as well as the emergence of new topics and approaches. For European (including the UK) based researchers there are additional challenges caused by, in many cases, being the only Aotearoa/New Zealand focussed local researcher, often in any discipline area.

We are interested in proposals from any branch of history where researchers might want to explore aspects of their work with others whose research is either Aotearoa/New Zealand focussed or who discuss aspects of Aotearoa/New Zealand in their teaching and research. We would also welcome more methodological and reflexive papers that explore, but are not limited to,
  • The expatriate historian
  • Viewing the 'periphery' from the 'centre'
  • New questions about old relationships
  • Creative methodologies away from main/major sources
We are interested too in exploring the possibilities for a network of European-based historians whose work focuses or examines Aotearoa/New Zealand.

Please send proposals jointly to both:

Prof. Dominic Alessio, Richmond, the American International University at


Dr Malcolm MacLean, The University of Gloucestershire at

Closing date: 21 March 2011

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