Monday, 4 October 2010

New archives list - Graham Mytton papers - the media in Africa

Another new archives list recently added to the ULRLS Archives Catalogue is the papers of Graham Mytton (ICS115).

As part of his postgraduate studies in the mass media, Graham Mytton undertook practical research into the media in Tanzania, spending a year as a research associate at University College, Dar es Salaam in 1967-1968. After completing his studies in Manchester in 1970, Mytton became the Zambia Broadcasting Services Research Fellow at the Institute for African Studies, University of Zambia, a post he held until 1973. Much of the material in this collection was accumulated during these research projects. 
Mytton later worked for the BBC, eventually becoming Controller of Marketing for the BBC World Service. He is now an independent market and audience research consultant and trainer.
The archive collection is comprised of papers accumulated by Graham Mytton in the course of research into the press and broadcasting in Tanzania and Zambia. The material comprises files on the press in Tanzania, including notes of interviews with staff, readership statistics and other literature about newspapers; files concerning broadcasting in Tanzania, including copies of relevant speeches in Parliament, material on the Ministry of Information, Tanganyika Broadcasting Corporation and Radio Tanzania, and papers on educational and adult education broadcasting; files concerning broadcasting in Zambia, including documents on Zambia Broadcasting Services, educational and rural broadcasting; papers for the Ninth Commonwealth Broadcasting Conference in Kenya; and some miscellaneous items.

The Library also holds Mytton's book published in 1983, entitled Mass communication in Africa , copies of reports on the mass media audience survey he carried out in Zambia, and interviews by Mytton with members of the TANU Publicity Section.

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